Saturday, February 5, 2005


Humm... Hello... Hummm... (Not a good start).

Ok the aims of the blog is to keep anyone remotely interested what is happening with the Hair Thieves and general comments on love, life and what's happening in Telford and the rest of the world.

I'll endevour to post regularly, at least weekly.

Right current state of play......

May 2003 the Hair Thieves gets set the challenge to release an albums worth of music by May 2004. This is mostly due to it being then available for the wealth of people Chris knows whose birthday is around that time of year.
May 2004 no album appears.
The Hair Thieves do however release 3 songs in 2004. (two of which you can hear on this site, the other can be found on the Hair Thieves site). Chris then promptly moves house and all music ceases for several months.

Jan 2005 - With the home studio ready, the Hair Thieves embark on a new set of songs.

Feb 2005 Chris starts this blog. Currently there are several new songs in various states of completion.

1) Cases of Conscience. An instrumental which forms the starting act of a much longer piece (possibly 2 or 3 acts). Currently being recorded for release end of Feb.
2) NB. Musically mostly there, just waiting for divine lyrical inspiration. Called NB at the moment since I needed a folder to put it in and pressed those two keys. TBD
3) Sweet Lemon Mechanism. The intro is mostly there. Lyrics are started. TBD
4) Anime Girl, music and lyrics are in progress. Problem is it is starting to sound like a bad eighties rock tune. Needs major re-vamping

There is probably another couple....

Right I'm off to the pub.... (Shame I'll probably miss Tin Omen tonight).