Saturday, March 19, 2005

Where Does All the time go?

Oooo 2 weeks since the last enty (slaps wrist).

My birthday was a subdued affair. Which was nice for a change. No hangovers or anything.

Punk song is in progress. The music was recorded 2 weeks ago, just haven't finished the lyrics or recorded the vocals. The deadline for the competition is Thursday so I'd best do that today.

Been busy playing Rainbow 6, Sonic the Hedgehog and PES4, so not a lot of music has got done.

I let Emma hear the 2 versions of Tabanid, she preffered the original version, so I'll stick with that.

I bought yet another guitar last week, another acoustic. So expect an acoustic song written on it soon..... I'm thinking of getting rid of my 7 string guitar, I probably haven't used it in 6 months... I'm not sure yet....

My works had a battle of the bands competition the other week, I didn't enter, but was official photographer for the evening. I'll try and put a few of the photos up on the site in a week or two, since some of them turned out better than I hoped.

Went to the Haygate on Wednesday to see Mavis Tuesday and Graham (from the Exploits of Elaine). An enjoyable night, though a slightly shortened Mavis set (since they went on late). Still waiting for the Mavis CD to appear.....

I'll be in the Haygate tonight if anyone is out and about.

Right I'd best go and shout into a microphone and get this blooming punk song finished.