Friday, May 13, 2005

The weekend is here once more

Not much to report to be honest.

I went away for a week to Cornwall and didn't get much done (bar a bit of work on the website), due to family commitments.

Since I've been back, I've started messing (now I've found a tuning that works for me) around with my 7 string guitar. Expect much heavyness soon.

11 days until the next competition deadline and I haven't started this months entry... Ooops.

Website is coming along, though I'm suspecting trying to teach my self PHP, flash, CSS and mySQL all at once is probably a bad idea. The general layout and look is there, I just need to finish it off and write a couple more songs before I launch it. I might even do a free giveaway with the launch.

So the weekend is but minutes away. Looking forward to go-karting tomorrow, bar that I really need to start writing some music.