Thursday, June 30, 2005

Least Productive Month

June, crikey what happened, where did it go, why didn't I achieve anything.

I had big plans this month. Record 2 or 3 songs, finish and update the website and leanr PHP and MySQL.

I've achieved none of them really. Ok I did release "Silverpit", but not the two songs I aimed to finish. I failed to write (or even start) this months competition piece. (not necessarily true that, I started one, liked it and pinched it for the verses to another song I'm working on)

I have done some recording this month, but nothing is finished. I'm blaming the weather for being too hot and humid to work and PES4 since I like playing it so much..

Good news though, Emma has started to teach herself the bass.

Oh well, July tomorrow, a new month, new goals, new horizons. I'd best get to work, even if it is just release the website.

Rollasoc (4/10 must try harder).