Monday, September 5, 2005

Momentary Clarity of Reason

Yesterday I had a mad 5 minutes where I thought sod it I need to tidy up the website.

So today the hack occurred. Gone is the chat room. I haven't done an online chat for many months now and can't see me doing one in the near future.

Gone is the guestbook. Fed up with third party guestbooks with pops ups, so I may write one instead.

Gone is the forum for the same reason above. I may re-instate this since I have the code for one.

Gone are all the recording and effect tips. I may but these on another site, I'm currently designing. But they are in desperate need of updating and I haven't got time to do it at the moment. Plus I have some good ideas for them if I ever get around to it.

Musically, things are progressing, after a weekend near re-build of my PC in an attempt to get a stable recording platform. I think I'm there now.

Emma is working on another (more tuneful) song.

I've been recording with a couple of people recently. The first we wrote and recorded a rough song in 3 hours. Now comes the process re-recording it properly, which should be fun, since we are 300 miles apart using totally different recording systems.

The 2nd is a bit more secret..... More details to follow soon. The first tune is almost ready for mixing.... Maybe a week or two.

te he he...