Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Ok, I didn't forget to post yesterday, just never got around to it.

Here is Monday's summary then.... After taking the car for a service (how much????), I quickly laid down the acoustic for Girl with two names. So far it was all going well, then I decided to do the vocals. Not good, after doing a few quick run throughs with my Superlux mic, I decided it didn't sound very good, so auditioned my other mics. By this time, my voice was a bit hoarse and I was bored of singing, so I scrapped all the vocals for it.

I did come up with a silly concept for the intro (think Fireworks by Siouxie and the Banshees)

A quick trip off to Newport to pick up drum stool broke the day up a bit.

So far not so good. I then swapped tracks to the instrumental, listening to it, I decided it really needed a Hammond organ on it. So a part was duely played and listening back to it, I think 5 and a half minutes is probably way too long for an ambient dirge with no concept of time within it as such. A bit of harsh editing was required and then bits moved around and overlapped and the like and a short three and a half minutes ambient tune was starting to take place. All it needs now is bells and whistles (possible literally possibly not) added and I think we are done.

One good thing though is the disks I'd ordered have turned up.

Emma came in during the evening to lay some bass down for another track (not for this CD). Wasn't totally successful, her bass was starting to give an annoying static nosie when she touched the strings. I even tried earthing her unsuccessfully and ended up having to gate it out at the expense of some bass tone. We'll try again at a later date we decided.

So to today, the plan is to start a new track and possibly have another attempt at the vocals for GW2N.

Oh and I'm off to see New Model Army tonight, which should be rather good.