Saturday, March 19, 2005

Where Does All the time go?

Oooo 2 weeks since the last enty (slaps wrist).

My birthday was a subdued affair. Which was nice for a change. No hangovers or anything.

Punk song is in progress. The music was recorded 2 weeks ago, just haven't finished the lyrics or recorded the vocals. The deadline for the competition is Thursday so I'd best do that today.

Been busy playing Rainbow 6, Sonic the Hedgehog and PES4, so not a lot of music has got done.

I let Emma hear the 2 versions of Tabanid, she preffered the original version, so I'll stick with that.

I bought yet another guitar last week, another acoustic. So expect an acoustic song written on it soon..... I'm thinking of getting rid of my 7 string guitar, I probably haven't used it in 6 months... I'm not sure yet....

My works had a battle of the bands competition the other week, I didn't enter, but was official photographer for the evening. I'll try and put a few of the photos up on the site in a week or two, since some of them turned out better than I hoped.

Went to the Haygate on Wednesday to see Mavis Tuesday and Graham (from the Exploits of Elaine). An enjoyable night, though a slightly shortened Mavis set (since they went on late). Still waiting for the Mavis CD to appear.....

I'll be in the Haygate tonight if anyone is out and about.

Right I'd best go and shout into a microphone and get this blooming punk song finished.



Saturday, March 5, 2005

Almost a Birthday Boy

4 days till my birthday.

Not much to say about music this week, having gone away for the weekend.

Did go and see Fred Zeppelin last week. I'm not a fan of tribute bands as such, though they are very good (except Kashmir which doesn't sound right at all). Seems to be the easiest way of making money from music without much effort, since you get a ready made audience.

Also went to Shrewsbury for the Telford rocks bash at the buttermarket. Nice venue... One sentence reviews
Ripchord - Alright, not my cup of tea
Exploits of Elaine - Excellent (I really should buy the CDs). Though in future, if they are going to break glasses on stage, at least mic them up first.
Poet Dogs - Not the best I've seen them but very very good
Mavis Tuesday - Excellent also, probably the tightest band I've seen in a while.
Hey Edison - First time I've seen them and they were impressive, the singer has got a great voice. The crowd was dwindling by now, since the last train to Telford had gone.
Omatic - Very small crowd, but a pretty good set. One of my favourite cds of last year.

I did like the fact the buttermarket, has a lollipop machine opposite the bar, I'm assuming it is a ploy to work out who is under age. If you buy a lollipop you are too young to get served.

The only bit of music I've managed (inbetween games of PES4 on the internet), was I've re-recorded Tabanid in a different key and will get one or two people to suggest which version sounds better, given my lack of vocal prowess. Just need to finish the lyrics and start recording it for real.

Cases of Conscience didn't get very far in the competition I entered it in. I had lots of positive feedback, but not a lot of votes.

I'm going to try and knock out another 2 minute tune (possibly a punk one?)for this months competition.

I'm out and about in Snowy Telford this weekend and the next to celebrate my birthday.. (I'll let you guess how old).

Have a good en