Saturday, July 30, 2005

Wet July

Well the end of the month.

One new song recorded, but it was so special, I sent it to one person and won't link to it on the site. (ok not so much a song as noise). (unless he likes it so much and says others should hear it).

Spent the last few hours going through all the partial song ideas that I've started and everything I've done in the past to cobble together a rough version of the forthcoming Hair Thieves long player, (obvious minus the new planned tracks I haven't written yet).

So far there is about 40 minutes of music that I'm happy with, so with finishing off the partial tracks and writing two or three more, things are looking promising. (I may even drop some of the older tracks).

The aim now to to concentrate purely on the writing aspect for the next two months with maybe rough acoustic versions, then start properly recording it and a few other things from October.

Also this month, I've done some recording with another local band. More info on this as it progresses.

I'm going into hiding now for a few weeks to concentrate on other stuff, see you on the other side.


PS I finished the Harry Potter book in a day.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Bitten the Bullet

Well, I've finally uploaded the new website. I'm expecting a few teething problems, (even after testing it). Please go and check it out and send me a comment.

As a result of finishing the site, I've fallen behind with the music side of things. I have started recording a new instrumental. This should be an acoustic guitar piece, (don't want to get too dependent on the guitar effects). This should be up before the end of the month.

Work is continuing slowly on a few other tracks, more details as and when I have them.

With the new Harry Potter book released in the coming week, I'm not expecting too much music to get done at the weekend. ha ha.