Saturday, January 28, 2006

Home Made Hit Show

Apotemnophilia has currently been added to episode 10 of the Home Made hit show.

Please go to the site and listen to the show.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Where did it go

Humm.. I did post a new blog item last week, but it seems to ahve disappeared off the site. Bizarre that.

Anyway, Happy New Year.

The Hair Thieves have regrouped for the new year and are finally putting the finishing touches to the new EP.

The track listing for which will be (not necessarily in this order)

1. Apotemnophilia
2. Break Casino
3. Girl with two names - Acoustic
4. Boeotia

The aim is to finish up any additional recording over the next couple of days and spend about a week mixing and re-mixing it. So hopefully next weekend we should be at a point to start producing the actual disks and mailing them out.

The artwork is also currently being put together as well.

So if you have applied for a free copy expect one sometime in early February. If you haven't applied for a free copy, goto and join the mailing list and I'll send you details on how to get a copy.

Apotemnophilia has been receiving favourable reviews from a review site and others who have heard it. We have been tweaking it a bit based on their comments.

My favourite comment on it so far has been from Mr Robin Page whom summed it up with the following comment.

"Fantastic. For some reason I want to chase gibbons with a chainsaw... hmmmm."

Anyway, best get back to it....