Sunday, March 26, 2006

Daylight Savings time

Well, its the end of the month, so I thought a small update was in order as to the progress of EP2.

The instrumental is going well. E has put his guitar tracks down now and we've spent a couple nights this week, going through my ideas and trying to work out what goes and what stays. It has been a real pleasent experience. I believe we mostly have my parts worked out, I just need to practice them, until I can play them without mistakes, since the nature of the effects on them, means I probably won't be able to fix any mistakes later....

Lyrics are going slowly for the track we have music for, I'm mostly having difficulty with trying to ignore the very melodic bass line and come up with a counter melody that I can actually string a sentence into.

The rest is temporarily on the backburner, now E is away during the week.