Sunday, May 28, 2006

British Weather

Well, I've been away to, mostly rainy, Cornwall for a week. To be fair the weather was just what I needed. It meant I could actually get some work done...

I managed to read three books, watch several Anime series, write some lyrics, learn php and MySQL and visit the family. All in all a successful week.

We've spent some time this weekend recording "The Mighty Fall" for EP 2. E has recorded part of his guitar track and I've been playing with some recording techniques and not really finishing anything. Plus slightly struggling with the free time of the ending, which is throwing me slightly.... (Need more practice).

I spent some time with Tim (who co-wrote the track) during the week and he has informed me he has changed his band's name from "The Dedheds" to "The Evan band". His Myspace site is up, but hasn't any content. I'll post the link soon.

We also spent part of this afternoon working on a track for the next EP. A little acoustic number, with some guest lyrics. More details to follow as things take shape.



Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Mighty Breakthrough

E has started his own Myspace site which contains his very own blog. This will, where appropriate, be also put on the main Hair Thieves site. Please check out his site, music, pictures and blog.

I'll probably set up my own Myspace site, since I have other non Hair Thieves stuff I want to blog as well as well as a few other things I want to share.

Tim, of the Dedheds has finally sent the drums and vocals for "The Mighty Fall" and I'm chuffed to bits with what he has sent me. So over the coming weeks we can finish recording this track. It is probably the heaviest hair Thieves track for a while.

As E stated in his blog, we have finished the lyrics for the track I've been struggling with for a while. I feel much better about it now. I just need to record the vocals and we can then, mix the track. I'll tell you the title when it's finished, just in case we rewrite them again..

Anyway, lots to do....


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Land Ahoy

This is an insight into how The Hair Thieves work, and why it takes us so long to get anything finished

Yesterday I added a second guitar part to "Shorewards". The net result of this is that EP 3 is at roughly the same stage of completion as EP 2. To add to the confusion we are going to spend some time on Sunday playing with a few ideas to be released much, much later on an album. Did any one say "focused"?

Still, no worries, eh?


Sunday, May 7, 2006

Erm..... here goes then. I don't really know what this place is going to be used for yet; if it gets used for anything at all. I'll probably post a few comments about how The Hair Thieves is progressing from my point of view and maybe a few words about my progress in my new job - I have just started as a trainee train driver.

Hair Thieves: Chris has just sent me a demo of a vocal he has added to some music that I wrote for our forthcoming EP 2. Not 100 percent sure about it yet but we will make it work I'm sure