Thursday, August 31, 2006

EP2 out now!

The new EP has been released this week. This is imaginatively titled EP2

It features 4 tracks

1. Shorewards

2. The Mighty Fall (feat. Tim from The Evan Band )

3. Baited Breath

4. E Weird (feat. Simon Mann on bass)

The new EP can be purchased for download for the pricely sum of $2.99 from our DEADLINK store. You can also buy it bundled with EP1 for $4.99

We have had some very nice things said so far about the EP, which is nice. If we get any reviews I'll put them on the site.

We had this posted about "E Weird" by Martin on Garageband

"A whole song created with guitar is not exceptional. But this one is. I really, REALLY like it. The melody is breathtaking and the performance of both bass and guitar is above standard. The guitars sound is gentle and warm, the sound is like early 90's post rock bands like my bloody valentine, tortoise, mogwai and sigur ros. The reason why I like this kind of music is because it is a perfect soundtrack for being calm and relaxed. It's instrumental and the production is warm and dreamy. I love this kind of music and i really love this song. Great work."

We have very few physical copies of the CD left. Message us if you want a copy and we'll see if we can come to some financial arrangement. ha ha.