Thursday, August 17, 2006

Getting there slowly

EP2 is currently mostly mixed. The aim is to get it finished this weekend. Live with it for a week, then make the disks and put it on the net.

We are just waiting for one part from a special guest to arrive at the weekend and we can start mixing the last track properly. Then there are a few bits and bobs to do and then it should be done.

E has done a great job of the cover. Subtle indeed.

I might try and post a song (or two) on the myspace site sometime in the next week.

The track listing is as follows

1. Shorewards

2. The Mighty Fall (feat Tim from The Evan Band)

3. Baited Breath

4. E Weird (feat ???)

We will be producing a very limited amount of CD-Rs of the EP, some of which might be made available for purchase in a few weeks. It will also be downloadable from one or more websites (like Soundclick).

Once the EP is out, work will start in earnest in finishing writing and start recording the Hair Thieves album. This will probably include Apotemnophilia from EP1, (though this will be re-recorded), Shorewards from EP2 and eight or nine brand new songs.

It will not include any Hair Thieves material previous to EP1.

The other aim is for a new website design. At the moment, part of this redesign will mean the tracks currently available for free download are removed and put in a secure area that only the mailing list can download from. We might also make available "work in progress" mixes of the new songs.

We might allow (some of) them to be streamed from other sites though. So grab them whilst you can or join the mailing list.

We shall see.

As E stated in his blog, after a few aborted attempts at putting some lyrics to a tune we recorded last year (known as "Fuzzy"), he farmed the lyrics out to Guy, (who co-wrote with E "Break the Casino" on EP1). Guy has sent us a great acoustic version of the song now called "The New Opportunist" which I'll see if I can post at some point, so people can compare it with the final version.