Saturday, October 28, 2006

Brief Update

Still quiet on the Hair Thieves front.

The video for Shorewards is now complete and can be seen on the main Hair Thieves myspace page or at

I'm very happy with how it turned out, but due to the song's short length a lot of material had to be cut out. Maybe I'll do a directors cut extended edition at some point in the future.

E is working on a video for one of our other tunes, using a different package. He did show me some of the ideas he has for it last week.

We had a little rehearsal / writing session last week, which went quite well. 3 songs were rehearsed, and didn't sound too bad. Just need to practise them a bit more.

We played with a new song E is in the process of writing. It is coming together slowly but getting there.

Recording of the album has temporarily been mostly suspended until after I move house. Haven't got a date yet, but I am viewing a property in the next few days, so hopefully it should be sorted very soon.

So whilst we are not recording I am using the time to research a few lyrical ideas for the songs that need lyrics. More on that at a later date.



Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Western Front

Not much to report on the Hair Thieves front. Things a bit slow, with me busy packing for my impending house move, and looking for a house to move into and E having his shifts moved around.

Guy has supplied the lead vocal to a track called "The New Opportunist". I had a brief go at editing it down to fit the track today, since the version Guy sang over is longer than the current version of the song. It just needs mixing, so that will be the first new finished track for the album. Hopefully the mixing will be done in the next week or so.

I have been working a bit, on what will hopefully be the first track on the album. It is in essentially two separate parts, that merge into each other. Part 1, has been written and demo'd for about 15 months now. It just needs actually recording properly. The 2nd part was just a verse part only but I've added the initial chorus to it. At the moment I'm thinking this chorus will be different to the other choruses sonically. So there is much to do. Lyrically, the concept is there and I have a load of research papers and the like on the subject matter and a few mind maps on directions it could take. I just need to get down and write them now I have a sort of direction the music is going. Musically, it is quite a departure into sort of industrial dance, but hopefully with melody. We shall see.

This week, I also started re-recording Apotemnophila for the album. I love the original but it is full of little mistakes, the obvious one being, if we do it live, Ian will play the arpegiated bit and me the leads. The EP1 version was recorded the opposite way around, since I had recorded most of it, as E joined the band, so I'd like to rectify that in the new version.

I have also been working on a video for the lead track off EP2, namely "Shorewards". I have about 20 minutes of video material, that I just need a spare day to sit down and edit it, now I have it in a format that my video editing program will allow me to use.

Humm.. Reading through the above it appears I've done a bit more than I thought. Oh well.



Friday, October 13, 2006

All Quiet

Not much happening on the music front right now. We have plans and good intentions to start recording the album and work up a live set however progress on both is minimal. Chris has several real-life issues to deal with that are keeping him away from music and I am tied up with work / too lazy to do anything. We did meet up last night but then spent our time in the pub.

We did talk about recording something next weekend though so progress will be made. Oh yes, one good thing: Guy has given me his vocal for New Opportunist.

Spent a bit of time today making up a circuit board for an auto-wah pedal. It is inevitably going to be called the "Phunc -E" and will be available for sale in a couple of weeks no doubt. And it is purple!