Saturday, October 28, 2006

Brief Update

Still quiet on the Hair Thieves front.

The video for Shorewards is now complete and can be seen on the main Hair Thieves myspace page or at

I'm very happy with how it turned out, but due to the song's short length a lot of material had to be cut out. Maybe I'll do a directors cut extended edition at some point in the future.

E is working on a video for one of our other tunes, using a different package. He did show me some of the ideas he has for it last week.

We had a little rehearsal / writing session last week, which went quite well. 3 songs were rehearsed, and didn't sound too bad. Just need to practise them a bit more.

We played with a new song E is in the process of writing. It is coming together slowly but getting there.

Recording of the album has temporarily been mostly suspended until after I move house. Haven't got a date yet, but I am viewing a property in the next few days, so hopefully it should be sorted very soon.

So whilst we are not recording I am using the time to research a few lyrical ideas for the songs that need lyrics. More on that at a later date.