Thursday, December 7, 2006

The winter Chills

Quick update.

I've now moved house, out of Telford, and I'm in the midst of wiring up the studio in the spare bedroom. This is going slowly due to a) other house things to sort, b) other social commitments c) been putting it off since it is a pain to do. Been doing a little bit each day, so hopefully by the weekend I can start recording again.

E has sent me a new song he has been working on, in the meantime.

E and I checked out a local (to me) Open Mic night a couple of days ago. Hopefully at the next one we will either get up and play a few tunes together or I'll get up on my own. (Depends on E's work pattern).

So we are going to rehearse this weekend, ready to ramp things up again in the new year.