Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spam Spamity Spam

Well April has been a most bizarre month. Easter, Family tragedies and other surprises.

Work on EP 2 has resumed after a couple of weeks of complete shut down.

The instrumental is getting there. I've almost finished recording my parts and have asked a special guest (maybe two) to add some bits and pieces. At the moment, it is called "E Weird", which was the initial working title, based on the fact it is E's ideas and it is darn weird.

Lyrics are almost done for another track. Which has been a bit of a struggle, but coming together slowly.

I'm assured the drums and vocals have been recorded for "The Mighty Fall" by Tim of the Dedheds. Just waiting for them to be sent up from Cornwall so E and I can record our parts.

E requested that we re-record an old Hair Thieves song for the EP. Which we shall start re-recording tomorrow... More on that soon.

E's work schedule isn't as bad as originally feared, so live performances may now happen later this year rather than next year. Once we have expanded the lineup further. More on that towards the end of the summer.

We have also started writing two new tracks. The first is called "Shorewards", which came about after I went around E's for a cup of tea and he handed me a bunch of random lines of lyrics. Next day, whilst noodling, I came up with a guitar part and luckily, his bits of lyrics fitted nicely. Less than half an hour later, I had recorded a rough version with drums, bass, guitar, vocals and accordian(?). It still needs some work to flesh it out further.

The second, untitled, song, E has been sending little MP3s of it during the week to me. It has a great little riff on it and I'm looking forward to see what he does next with it.....

In a mad "retail therapy" moment, I've bought a new guitar. Oh dear...