Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rehearsing and everything.

Well, a very quick update, now EP2 is out and things.

"E Weird" has been getting mostly, good reviews on Garageband and was played on the Radio Ophans podcast last week (Episode 63)(

Today, we have finally started cobbling together a live set. At the moment this will probably entail 4 songs off EP1 & EP2, two brand new tracks we are working on (one for EP3 and the other an album track) and 4 or 5 non obvious covers.

We shall see over the next month or so, how we get on with the cover versions to see which ones stay and which ones go.

Also, I've started cobbling together the various bit of music we have written towards EP3 and the album. So we can in the next few weeks assess where we are at with both of them.