Friday, September 7, 2007


Ok, I stole this off E's blog.

"The Hair Thieves
Just a quick update on The Hair Thieves progress so far. We have just recruited a bass player, Pete, and spent Wednesday evening going through a few songs with him. We have a list of 9 songs that we wish to use live, so at the current rate of progress we will have covered them all in about 3 weeks. After that it is just a case of rehearsing them and then going out and getting some gigs. Oh yes, and a drummer! We are still looking............."

Back to me again....

Wednesday night was indeed interesting. Nice choice of Hob Nobs with fondent, from Codge. Some frantic scribbling of tab for songs, some general strumming, warstories and chat. Plus Codge supplied an entire albums worth of potential lyrics and some songs. Not too bad a night at all.

When E says 3 weeks, he means 3 meetings. The liklihood of getting us all together for three consequtive weeks are slim probably. We can try though.

Yes, we are still after a drummist.

Later Rollasoc

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ice cream and other assorted oddities

Crikey, a month since the last update. Sorry.

Right we had a chat, with tea and, if I remember correctly, cake. Result.

We have decided to get EP3 finished and released ASAP. Which will probably mean early September. We have agreed the track listing now, which will be:

1. The Beguiled (featuring guest backing vocals hopefully)
2. Bad Consumer (written by E and Guy from Red Star Radio with slightly amended lyrics)
A demo of which can be found on E's myspace page.
3. A Journey of the Soul (cowritten with E's sister)
4. Spheno Palatine Gangleoneuralga

We hope (if we remember) to have go at the artwork concept this week when we meet up.

Right, I'm off to finish my vocals for the Beguiled (which we have played once at an open mic in Bridgnorth).



Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ball Rolling

Quick update.

Not much to report really. I've been away on holiday to Wales / Cornwall / home, then been in bed for a few days with flu. Not good at all.

I have been re-learning (on 7 string) / transcribing to 6 string / sorting the drums on one of the ideas for an album track. Which is a start at least

We are going to get together this weekend and have a chat, hopefully with tea and biscuits, about how to take the album (mostly written, not much recorded) and EP3 (almost totally written, partially recorded) forward, plus future plans.

So more info next week I hope...



Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Not much to report really.

Things have mostly stalled in the last month. This is pretty much purely my fault.

After the last blog, we did get up and do some songs at an open mic night in Bridgnorth. No piccys this time.

It was an eventful night. Quiet, but there was an 18th birthday party going on. By the time we started, the birthday girl was crashed out in front of us, with a pile of sick on the floor. More sickness ensued and the young girl was then escorted off the premises by her friends and appeared to be dumped in the street outside.

This was indeed, very off putting and we managed to fluff our way through two new songs "New Opportunist" and "The Beguiled" and the track off EP1 called "Break the Casino".

I then messed up a Porcupine Tree track called "Sentimental", which I had attempted to learn earlier in the night. (Make note, don't learn songs the night you are going to perform them).

I then promptly jetted off to the states on work business work 8 days.

So that was pretty much May sorted.

This month, we have tried re-recording one of E's tunes. Not convinced successfully. We need to re-attempt it.

I've been attempting to record my parts for "The Beguiled". Again I'm not a happy bunny. So more re-recording to ensue.

The rest of this month is pretty much a no go as I've got other commitments and a holiday to contend with.

I have purposely left most of July free to get back to recording. So the next update might be a bit more positive.

On a good note, E has started another new song and is currently looking for / hoping to borrow a keyboard for some synth action. I'm liking what he has sent me so far.



Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rehearsal for Moider

The stars were aligned, the gods smiled upon us, etc etc, well actually it was persipitating profusely, today we had a rehearsal.

Ttoday I popped around to E's house to record some acoustic for a new track he is working on. Currently working title E5.

After tea drinking, recording and playing with his new (rather sexy) pedal configuration, the subject of the Open Mic night at the Lounge in Bridgnorth was spoken of. E informed me he was available to play this Tuesday, so for the first time this year, we are going to play in front of an audience.

Next choice was what to play. We have settled on two brand new songs off the album and one track of EP1.

So a quick rehearsal of the three songs, with more tea drinking ensued.

So we shall be there this coming Tueday in The Lounge in Bridgnorth playing some songs. It starts around 9 ish.

I'm rather looking forward to it.



Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Earth Intruders

Very quick update, since I've just updated the main site, archiving off the blog into separate years.

Reading the blog, all the way through, has brought back some good and bad memories over the last two and a bit years and has made me laugh about how much effort can be put into achieving so little. ha ha

Here is a bit from the very first blog I wrote in February 2005.

Feb 2005 Chris starts this blog. Currently there are several new songs in various states of completion.

1) Cases of Conscience. An instrumental which forms the starting act of a much longer piece (possibly 2 or 3 acts). Currently being recorded for release end of Feb.
2) NB. Musically mostly there, just waiting for divine lyrical inspiration. Called NB at the moment since I needed a folder to put it in and pressed those two keys. TBD
3) Sweet Lemon Mechanism. The intro is mostly there. Lyrics are started. TBD
4) Anime Girl, music and lyrics are in progress. Problem is it is starting to sound like a bad eighties rock tune. Needs major re-vamping

Here is the current state of those 4 songs.
1) Cases of Conscience. I did release a version of this in 2005. Which I love to bit, but I have re-recorded it on acoustic guitar (which it was originally written for) and using effects for the forthcoming album version. It is part of a much longer piece. Part two (Guilt of innocent blood) of which is mostly written, part three (and God will give you blood to drink) just has a bass line and some drums and part four (Curse of the cirle girls) has been written for ages. I did re-record it last week. There is one annoying squeak in it, so I might need to re-record it again.

Curse of the Circle girls was played live last December at an open mic night in Bridgnorth. Not convinced an instrumental on the Salem witch trials was the right song for a birthday party! ha ha.

2) NB, became Tabanid. Mostly finished, but has been shelved, will revisit after EP3 / album. E didn't really like the discords within it. That's the bit I like.

3) Sweet Lemon Mechanism. Is now in two parts. The first part being called Sour Grapes. This is 99% recorded. I sent E a demo of it last week, with a guide lead Ebow part and will try and record it properly this weekend. I can safely say we will probably never play this live ever..... It might be used as the intro tape though if we ever play live.

The main song though is proving tricky. I did work on it this weekend and managed some progress with it.

4) Anime Girl. I personally love playing the riff to this. The rest of the song was horrible. I've grafted the riff onto the original idea for the EP3 instrumental (which sounded far too much like Placebo so I've scrapped all the music, bar the bridge). I may still keep the title of the song, but then again I might not, depends how the music turns out (probably quite heavy since I'm playing it on my 7 string).

So not much progress on those 4 songs in 2 years (many other songs were done in those 2 years so it isn''t all doom and gloom).

I briefly mentioned in my last blog, playing songs at open mic nights. Due to work commitments, I've been going out on my own and playing a few songs at open mic nights in Bridgnorth since Christmas.

Last week, Assimilation was first aired and no one threw anything at me, so it must have been ok, plus I dragged out 21st CSM from the back catalog. The latter I really enjoyed playing live, so will play that more often.

I've also been regularly playing Apotemnophilia, GW2N and Shorewards as well as covers by Duran Duran (I kid you not), Gemma Hayes, Stiff Little Fingers, The Levellers, The Wannadies.

I may try a couple of new covers at next weeks one (maybe some prog rock, maybe a chart topping early nineties song). I'm actually almost starting to enjoy this playing live malarky.

Right bed time!



Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fear of the Blank Lyrics

Quick update to the happenings of the Thieves of Hair.

Well, today I have recorded the mandolin part for "Bad Consumer" and sent it off for E's approval (he approved). The song needs mixing, but we might in the next week put it up on myspace in its current form, so you can hear it and compare it against the version done by the Red Star Radio boys.

Edit: E has posted the song on E's Myspace site

We pretty much have three quarters of EP3 done now, it needs some things doing to the tracks we have and we need to write the obligartory instrumental for the end (I did start playing around with ideas during the week, plus E has a track on the go, which could end up instrumental).

We have finished a first draft of some lyrics for a song which at the moment appears to be called "Chemistry". It was a collaborative effort, which seemed to work nicely, given, if I'd been left to do them on my own, I'd still be looking at a blank page. I now need to record the vocal and sort out the drums.

I've made a paper spreadsheet, of what we have achieved for the album and EP3 and what needs doing. It looks like we are about half way there. So we need to step up the pace a bit to get this out sometime in the summer.

A journey of the Soul just needs a proper vocal recorded and the drums sorted. I can then start my alternative mix of it.

I have also started comping together a new track for the album, based on the original instrumental I wrote for EP3, and a riff I wrote ages ago. It'll possibly end up the heaviest Hair Thieves song since Baited Breath.

One of the new songs we are in the middle of recording, I am thinking of airing at an Open mic night in the coming week. Should be interesting. I'm also thinking of dusting off an old Hair Thieves song that has never been played live before also.

And just to slow me down, I am recording a couple of other artists over the next month or so, to get a bit more recording experience really. Hopefully, it shouldn't infringe on my Hair Thieves responsibilities too much.


Woo Hoo, after an extended wait, we have another song for public consumption.

Its called Bad Consumer and can be heard on my profile page.

This is still only at the demo stage as we haven't mixed it properly yet but it is not likely to change much when we do. The song was originally written by myself and Guy Lawton when I was still playing with Red Star Radio, and coincidentaly they have also just released their version which can be heard HERE

Feel free to compare and contrast

For those that care about these things:
E = electric, acoustic, and bass guitars.
Rollasoc = Vox, mandolin, drum programming and featuring Rolla's first ever recorded live drum playing.
If you want any more details then ask.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mandolin is not a dirty word.

Sooo, what has been happening in the World of E this time. Actually I can't remember! I'm just a bit bored and writing this before I go to the pub

The Hair Thieves:
I have pretty much finished my version of Journey of the Soul, although Rollasoc is threatening to to add some sort of prog rock ending to it. Could be interesting. I prefer it with just an acoustic and vocals, which is what Rolla's version will be (did I mention we have settled on doing 2 versions?), more or less. Having said that, my version is good also.

Bad Consumer is recorded now It just needs a mandolin part which we had forgotten about.

E6 now has a few lyrics, and a proper name.

Other stuff:
Went to see Bloc Party, supported by Biffy Clyro, at the Civic a few days ago. I'm not really a fan but Rollasoc had a spare ticket. Had a great time.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quick Duck

Quick update, whilst I'm on Myspace.

E came around last week and he sorted the end of the track for EP3 / Album. I've re-reorded the vocals and comped them together. Needs a bit of tarting and fixing, then it will be ready for mixing. (So that'll be two tracks ready or mixing)

E also recorded his parts for The Beguiled. I then proceeded to rework the drums from scratch and recorded a bass line. Then decided it may be in the wrong key for me to sing in (easily), so i might need re-recording again. Ooops

I did add a string section to it, which I was happy with at the time, listened back the next day. Utter tosh. Deleted the parts. Humm....

Another track for EP3, was also sorted, and it was decided to record it in a different key as well. I've sent E a copy so he can record it in the safety of his own house.

Tonight we are off to a new open mic night in Telford. Not sure if we will get up and play (well I'm not taking a guitar, but might take my capos), since we haven't rehearsed since December. We shall see.

I decided last week to buy a new (Line 6 Echo Park) Delay pedal. I think it turned up today, but I was at work, so will collect tomorrow and play with over the weekend.



Friday, March 16, 2007

Insert Witty Title Here...

Oops, long time since I updated this

Here is a list of things that have happened, in the order in which I remember them:

I've recently been to watch Thirteen Senses and Inspiral Carpets, and am going to watch Idlewild tonight. Job commitments have stopped me going to gigs for a while so it is good to start again.

Pedal-wise I have built Rollasoc's Wah, a booster for Tim (Sheebang), and a Bass Fuz-E for Mike Deathray (Young casual Gentlemen).

Work: I've now signed Birmingham New Street and drive there most days.

Hair Thieves: Erm....done something, I'm sure I have. Actually I have; I have just re-recorded an old song that I wrote with Guy Lawton during my Red Star Radio days. It's called Bad Consumer and will probably appear on EP3 in the "old song" slot. Originally I hadn't been keen on doing R*R stuff as they are still a going concern, but it is a good song and they don't seem to be using it. Once again it features the unlikely combination of E and a bass guitar so all that is left is for Rolla to do the drums and vox.

A couple of hours were spent the other day recording my guitar parts for the Beguiled so progress is being made there as well. Work continues slowly on Assimilation - my attempt at a rocking outro ended up as an indie jangle-fest, which seems to be my default setting. The solo was quite good though so I'm sure the rest will be okay if I re-do it with loads of gain

I also am about to start recording the guitars for a song called A Jouney of the Soul, based on a poem of the same name that was written by my sister.

That is all,

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Another month slips quietly by.

Humm, February being a very short month has slipped by and gone.

The productiveness of January has gone with it. Not much to report. Mostly, on my part to being away for two of the weekends of the month.

I'm happy to report, that I have finished the lyrics for a song called The Beguiled. I'm pretty happy with them. We have a completed demo version of the song now. We just need to learn it and record it better.

I still haven't started lyrics for E6. Which I'm a bit disappointed with myself for, to be honest.

E has sent me several versions of Assimilation, and pointed out, it was a bit dull and repetitive after many minutes of it, which I aggreed with, it did sort of meander then peter out a bit. So we are going to write a new ending for it. He has been messing about with it.

E has started getting things together to record a song he wrote with Guy from Red Star Radio. (Probably for EP3 or 4)

"Penny for them" at the moment is back in Cornwall with Tim being re-recorded. It looks like he will use it for one of his many bands.

I've started some work on a track for EP3. Trying to flesh out the arrangement. Lyrics are done by a currently secret source. More soon.

The lead track for EP3, needs a bit of vocal re-work, neither of us are happy with the ending.

E has also built me a new pedal. It's a fixed Wah pedal, based on the innards of a Crybaby (I think), that I was given. So basically a fixed filter. Not the most exciting pedal in the world on it's own, but in combination with other effects it makes a great difference to the sound. Which is exactly what I want it for.

Oh and my Line 6 Delay modeller, has started acting very bizarre, so I need to source a new delay pedal at some point fairly soon.

So work is progressing slowly and surely.



Thursday, February 1, 2007

What happened to January.

Crivens! Ferbruary already.

Some small things to report though, we haven't met up as often as we'd hoped, due to various commitments.

E has mostly been working on a song tentively titled "E6". I did pop around his house and put a bit of guitar down. He has sent me a roughly mixed version last weekend, so I can now start working on lyrics. E has moved on to learning a song that has been around for a while called "Assimilation". So that looks like beng recorded next.

I've mostly been playing through several covers. Bridgnorth appears to be the place for open mic nights. So I've started getting up and doing a few tunes. So I've been trying to learn a few cover versions to put a bit of variety in my playing.

I have managed to do some additonal recording though on the two songs I said I was working on. Which is going quite nicely. Still a few issues that need re-recording at some point though.

I've also restarted trying to finish the lyrics for a song called "The Beguiled". Hopefully they should be finished in the next few days, pending E's approval (or not).

Tim (sang and co-wrote The Mighty Fall off EP2, if anyone isn't paying attention), came up from Cornwall last week for a couple of days. He has put some drums down for an instrumental we are working on. I'll try and edit the 16 minutes he recorded down to about 3 minutes, next week.

Tim & I also wrote a song together called "Penny for them". It is a strange sequenced dance track. I'm unsure that this will become a Hair Thieves track or not (I'll let E hear it first), but may be used for something else I'm thinking of working on (after the album).

So a fairly busy and productive month. Lets hope we can keep the momentum up through February.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bas(s)ic Instinct

In the pub the other night my good lady wife announced that she fancied learning the bass guitar. I've always found female bass players slightly erotic so I have done the gentlemanly thing and decided to support her in this noble ambition. Jamie in Shifnal Music has done me yet another good deal, this time on a Ibanez GSR200 Bass, an ideal beginners instrument, so we are all set up and ready to go.

Obviously that now means there is a bass guitar sitting on a stand, right next to my Strat, and it was only a matter of time before I picked it up and started messing about with it. Once the novelty of playing the bass riff from "The Chain" wore off (about 2 mins) I sat down and worked out a bass line for a song I'm writing at the moment. Currently it is imaginatively titled "E6" and will feature on our next release, hopefully with a better title. I may stick a sneak preview on here sometime.


Monday, January 8, 2007

Erase and re-wind.

As Rollasoc has mentioned on The Hair Thieves MySpace site we have started recording again. This is a reworking of Apo for the album as the version on EP1 has us playing each others guitar parts.

We also talked about trying some different recording techniques for some of the new tracks. Mostly this involves mic'ing up amps in my conservatory to take advantage of the great natural reverb found therein.

Finally, if Rollasoc is very lucky and the rain holds off, I am going to spend the rest of the day rehousing and modding his Wah pedal.


Sunday, January 7, 2007

It's started

We had our first Hair Thieves get together of 2007 today. And a jolly encouraging start it was.

After some initial tea drinking (damn forgot to get the biscuits out). We had a listen through the 15 or 16 tracks we have on the go at the moment and had discussions on where to take them and essentially in the short term which four or five to concentrate on.

Then realising we had a hour left before E had to depart, we started re-recording some guitar parts, which E nailed, then did some spare things just in case.

I did a rough mix tonight and it is sounding good. I've promised E I'd have my guitar parts, bass and vocals done during the week. (No pressure then). If I have time, I'll record the vocals for another track which will probabl be the lead track on EP3.

So hopefully, by the weekend we can put the first couple of tracks to bed, until the final mix and start work on another EP3 track.