Sunday, January 7, 2007

It's started

We had our first Hair Thieves get together of 2007 today. And a jolly encouraging start it was.

After some initial tea drinking (damn forgot to get the biscuits out). We had a listen through the 15 or 16 tracks we have on the go at the moment and had discussions on where to take them and essentially in the short term which four or five to concentrate on.

Then realising we had a hour left before E had to depart, we started re-recording some guitar parts, which E nailed, then did some spare things just in case.

I did a rough mix tonight and it is sounding good. I've promised E I'd have my guitar parts, bass and vocals done during the week. (No pressure then). If I have time, I'll record the vocals for another track which will probabl be the lead track on EP3.

So hopefully, by the weekend we can put the first couple of tracks to bed, until the final mix and start work on another EP3 track.