Thursday, February 1, 2007

What happened to January.

Crivens! Ferbruary already.

Some small things to report though, we haven't met up as often as we'd hoped, due to various commitments.

E has mostly been working on a song tentively titled "E6". I did pop around his house and put a bit of guitar down. He has sent me a roughly mixed version last weekend, so I can now start working on lyrics. E has moved on to learning a song that has been around for a while called "Assimilation". So that looks like beng recorded next.

I've mostly been playing through several covers. Bridgnorth appears to be the place for open mic nights. So I've started getting up and doing a few tunes. So I've been trying to learn a few cover versions to put a bit of variety in my playing.

I have managed to do some additonal recording though on the two songs I said I was working on. Which is going quite nicely. Still a few issues that need re-recording at some point though.

I've also restarted trying to finish the lyrics for a song called "The Beguiled". Hopefully they should be finished in the next few days, pending E's approval (or not).

Tim (sang and co-wrote The Mighty Fall off EP2, if anyone isn't paying attention), came up from Cornwall last week for a couple of days. He has put some drums down for an instrumental we are working on. I'll try and edit the 16 minutes he recorded down to about 3 minutes, next week.

Tim & I also wrote a song together called "Penny for them". It is a strange sequenced dance track. I'm unsure that this will become a Hair Thieves track or not (I'll let E hear it first), but may be used for something else I'm thinking of working on (after the album).

So a fairly busy and productive month. Lets hope we can keep the momentum up through February.