Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Another month slips quietly by.

Humm, February being a very short month has slipped by and gone.

The productiveness of January has gone with it. Not much to report. Mostly, on my part to being away for two of the weekends of the month.

I'm happy to report, that I have finished the lyrics for a song called The Beguiled. I'm pretty happy with them. We have a completed demo version of the song now. We just need to learn it and record it better.

I still haven't started lyrics for E6. Which I'm a bit disappointed with myself for, to be honest.

E has sent me several versions of Assimilation, and pointed out, it was a bit dull and repetitive after many minutes of it, which I aggreed with, it did sort of meander then peter out a bit. So we are going to write a new ending for it. He has been messing about with it.

E has started getting things together to record a song he wrote with Guy from Red Star Radio. (Probably for EP3 or 4)

"Penny for them" at the moment is back in Cornwall with Tim being re-recorded. It looks like he will use it for one of his many bands.

I've started some work on a track for EP3. Trying to flesh out the arrangement. Lyrics are done by a currently secret source. More soon.

The lead track for EP3, needs a bit of vocal re-work, neither of us are happy with the ending.

E has also built me a new pedal. It's a fixed Wah pedal, based on the innards of a Crybaby (I think), that I was given. So basically a fixed filter. Not the most exciting pedal in the world on it's own, but in combination with other effects it makes a great difference to the sound. Which is exactly what I want it for.

Oh and my Line 6 Delay modeller, has started acting very bizarre, so I need to source a new delay pedal at some point fairly soon.

So work is progressing slowly and surely.