Friday, March 16, 2007

Insert Witty Title Here...

Oops, long time since I updated this

Here is a list of things that have happened, in the order in which I remember them:

I've recently been to watch Thirteen Senses and Inspiral Carpets, and am going to watch Idlewild tonight. Job commitments have stopped me going to gigs for a while so it is good to start again.

Pedal-wise I have built Rollasoc's Wah, a booster for Tim (Sheebang), and a Bass Fuz-E for Mike Deathray (Young casual Gentlemen).

Work: I've now signed Birmingham New Street and drive there most days.

Hair Thieves: Erm....done something, I'm sure I have. Actually I have; I have just re-recorded an old song that I wrote with Guy Lawton during my Red Star Radio days. It's called Bad Consumer and will probably appear on EP3 in the "old song" slot. Originally I hadn't been keen on doing R*R stuff as they are still a going concern, but it is a good song and they don't seem to be using it. Once again it features the unlikely combination of E and a bass guitar so all that is left is for Rolla to do the drums and vox.

A couple of hours were spent the other day recording my guitar parts for the Beguiled so progress is being made there as well. Work continues slowly on Assimilation - my attempt at a rocking outro ended up as an indie jangle-fest, which seems to be my default setting. The solo was quite good though so I'm sure the rest will be okay if I re-do it with loads of gain

I also am about to start recording the guitars for a song called A Jouney of the Soul, based on a poem of the same name that was written by my sister.

That is all,