Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quick Duck

Quick update, whilst I'm on Myspace.

E came around last week and he sorted the end of the track for EP3 / Album. I've re-reorded the vocals and comped them together. Needs a bit of tarting and fixing, then it will be ready for mixing. (So that'll be two tracks ready or mixing)

E also recorded his parts for The Beguiled. I then proceeded to rework the drums from scratch and recorded a bass line. Then decided it may be in the wrong key for me to sing in (easily), so i might need re-recording again. Ooops

I did add a string section to it, which I was happy with at the time, listened back the next day. Utter tosh. Deleted the parts. Humm....

Another track for EP3, was also sorted, and it was decided to record it in a different key as well. I've sent E a copy so he can record it in the safety of his own house.

Tonight we are off to a new open mic night in Telford. Not sure if we will get up and play (well I'm not taking a guitar, but might take my capos), since we haven't rehearsed since December. We shall see.

I decided last week to buy a new (Line 6 Echo Park) Delay pedal. I think it turned up today, but I was at work, so will collect tomorrow and play with over the weekend.