Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fear of the Blank Lyrics

Quick update to the happenings of the Thieves of Hair.

Well, today I have recorded the mandolin part for "Bad Consumer" and sent it off for E's approval (he approved). The song needs mixing, but we might in the next week put it up on myspace in its current form, so you can hear it and compare it against the version done by the Red Star Radio boys.

Edit: E has posted the song on E's Myspace site

We pretty much have three quarters of EP3 done now, it needs some things doing to the tracks we have and we need to write the obligartory instrumental for the end (I did start playing around with ideas during the week, plus E has a track on the go, which could end up instrumental).

We have finished a first draft of some lyrics for a song which at the moment appears to be called "Chemistry". It was a collaborative effort, which seemed to work nicely, given, if I'd been left to do them on my own, I'd still be looking at a blank page. I now need to record the vocal and sort out the drums.

I've made a paper spreadsheet, of what we have achieved for the album and EP3 and what needs doing. It looks like we are about half way there. So we need to step up the pace a bit to get this out sometime in the summer.

A journey of the Soul just needs a proper vocal recorded and the drums sorted. I can then start my alternative mix of it.

I have also started comping together a new track for the album, based on the original instrumental I wrote for EP3, and a riff I wrote ages ago. It'll possibly end up the heaviest Hair Thieves song since Baited Breath.

One of the new songs we are in the middle of recording, I am thinking of airing at an Open mic night in the coming week. Should be interesting. I'm also thinking of dusting off an old Hair Thieves song that has never been played live before also.

And just to slow me down, I am recording a couple of other artists over the next month or so, to get a bit more recording experience really. Hopefully, it shouldn't infringe on my Hair Thieves responsibilities too much.


Woo Hoo, after an extended wait, we have another song for public consumption.

Its called Bad Consumer and can be heard on my profile page.

This is still only at the demo stage as we haven't mixed it properly yet but it is not likely to change much when we do. The song was originally written by myself and Guy Lawton when I was still playing with Red Star Radio, and coincidentaly they have also just released their version which can be heard HERE

Feel free to compare and contrast

For those that care about these things:
E = electric, acoustic, and bass guitars.
Rollasoc = Vox, mandolin, drum programming and featuring Rolla's first ever recorded live drum playing.
If you want any more details then ask.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mandolin is not a dirty word.

Sooo, what has been happening in the World of E this time. Actually I can't remember! I'm just a bit bored and writing this before I go to the pub

The Hair Thieves:
I have pretty much finished my version of Journey of the Soul, although Rollasoc is threatening to to add some sort of prog rock ending to it. Could be interesting. I prefer it with just an acoustic and vocals, which is what Rolla's version will be (did I mention we have settled on doing 2 versions?), more or less. Having said that, my version is good also.

Bad Consumer is recorded now It just needs a mandolin part which we had forgotten about.

E6 now has a few lyrics, and a proper name.

Other stuff:
Went to see Bloc Party, supported by Biffy Clyro, at the Civic a few days ago. I'm not really a fan but Rollasoc had a spare ticket. Had a great time.