Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mandolin is not a dirty word.

Sooo, what has been happening in the World of E this time. Actually I can't remember! I'm just a bit bored and writing this before I go to the pub

The Hair Thieves:
I have pretty much finished my version of Journey of the Soul, although Rollasoc is threatening to to add some sort of prog rock ending to it. Could be interesting. I prefer it with just an acoustic and vocals, which is what Rolla's version will be (did I mention we have settled on doing 2 versions?), more or less. Having said that, my version is good also.

Bad Consumer is recorded now It just needs a mandolin part which we had forgotten about.

E6 now has a few lyrics, and a proper name.

Other stuff:
Went to see Bloc Party, supported by Biffy Clyro, at the Civic a few days ago. I'm not really a fan but Rollasoc had a spare ticket. Had a great time.