Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rehearsal for Moider

The stars were aligned, the gods smiled upon us, etc etc, well actually it was persipitating profusely, today we had a rehearsal.

Ttoday I popped around to E's house to record some acoustic for a new track he is working on. Currently working title E5.

After tea drinking, recording and playing with his new (rather sexy) pedal configuration, the subject of the Open Mic night at the Lounge in Bridgnorth was spoken of. E informed me he was available to play this Tuesday, so for the first time this year, we are going to play in front of an audience.

Next choice was what to play. We have settled on two brand new songs off the album and one track of EP1.

So a quick rehearsal of the three songs, with more tea drinking ensued.

So we shall be there this coming Tueday in The Lounge in Bridgnorth playing some songs. It starts around 9 ish.

I'm rather looking forward to it.



Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Earth Intruders

Very quick update, since I've just updated the main site, archiving off the blog into separate years.

Reading the blog, all the way through, has brought back some good and bad memories over the last two and a bit years and has made me laugh about how much effort can be put into achieving so little. ha ha

Here is a bit from the very first blog I wrote in February 2005.

Feb 2005 Chris starts this blog. Currently there are several new songs in various states of completion.

1) Cases of Conscience. An instrumental which forms the starting act of a much longer piece (possibly 2 or 3 acts). Currently being recorded for release end of Feb.
2) NB. Musically mostly there, just waiting for divine lyrical inspiration. Called NB at the moment since I needed a folder to put it in and pressed those two keys. TBD
3) Sweet Lemon Mechanism. The intro is mostly there. Lyrics are started. TBD
4) Anime Girl, music and lyrics are in progress. Problem is it is starting to sound like a bad eighties rock tune. Needs major re-vamping

Here is the current state of those 4 songs.
1) Cases of Conscience. I did release a version of this in 2005. Which I love to bit, but I have re-recorded it on acoustic guitar (which it was originally written for) and using effects for the forthcoming album version. It is part of a much longer piece. Part two (Guilt of innocent blood) of which is mostly written, part three (and God will give you blood to drink) just has a bass line and some drums and part four (Curse of the cirle girls) has been written for ages. I did re-record it last week. There is one annoying squeak in it, so I might need to re-record it again.

Curse of the Circle girls was played live last December at an open mic night in Bridgnorth. Not convinced an instrumental on the Salem witch trials was the right song for a birthday party! ha ha.

2) NB, became Tabanid. Mostly finished, but has been shelved, will revisit after EP3 / album. E didn't really like the discords within it. That's the bit I like.

3) Sweet Lemon Mechanism. Is now in two parts. The first part being called Sour Grapes. This is 99% recorded. I sent E a demo of it last week, with a guide lead Ebow part and will try and record it properly this weekend. I can safely say we will probably never play this live ever..... It might be used as the intro tape though if we ever play live.

The main song though is proving tricky. I did work on it this weekend and managed some progress with it.

4) Anime Girl. I personally love playing the riff to this. The rest of the song was horrible. I've grafted the riff onto the original idea for the EP3 instrumental (which sounded far too much like Placebo so I've scrapped all the music, bar the bridge). I may still keep the title of the song, but then again I might not, depends how the music turns out (probably quite heavy since I'm playing it on my 7 string).

So not much progress on those 4 songs in 2 years (many other songs were done in those 2 years so it isn''t all doom and gloom).

I briefly mentioned in my last blog, playing songs at open mic nights. Due to work commitments, I've been going out on my own and playing a few songs at open mic nights in Bridgnorth since Christmas.

Last week, Assimilation was first aired and no one threw anything at me, so it must have been ok, plus I dragged out 21st CSM from the back catalog. The latter I really enjoyed playing live, so will play that more often.

I've also been regularly playing Apotemnophilia, GW2N and Shorewards as well as covers by Duran Duran (I kid you not), Gemma Hayes, Stiff Little Fingers, The Levellers, The Wannadies.

I may try a couple of new covers at next weeks one (maybe some prog rock, maybe a chart topping early nineties song). I'm actually almost starting to enjoy this playing live malarky.

Right bed time!