Friday, September 7, 2007


Ok, I stole this off E's blog.

"The Hair Thieves
Just a quick update on The Hair Thieves progress so far. We have just recruited a bass player, Pete, and spent Wednesday evening going through a few songs with him. We have a list of 9 songs that we wish to use live, so at the current rate of progress we will have covered them all in about 3 weeks. After that it is just a case of rehearsing them and then going out and getting some gigs. Oh yes, and a drummer! We are still looking............."

Back to me again....

Wednesday night was indeed interesting. Nice choice of Hob Nobs with fondent, from Codge. Some frantic scribbling of tab for songs, some general strumming, warstories and chat. Plus Codge supplied an entire albums worth of potential lyrics and some songs. Not too bad a night at all.

When E says 3 weeks, he means 3 meetings. The liklihood of getting us all together for three consequtive weeks are slim probably. We can try though.

Yes, we are still after a drummist.

Later Rollasoc