Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Not much to report really.

Things have mostly stalled in the last month. This is pretty much purely my fault.

After the last blog, we did get up and do some songs at an open mic night in Bridgnorth. No piccys this time.

It was an eventful night. Quiet, but there was an 18th birthday party going on. By the time we started, the birthday girl was crashed out in front of us, with a pile of sick on the floor. More sickness ensued and the young girl was then escorted off the premises by her friends and appeared to be dumped in the street outside.

This was indeed, very off putting and we managed to fluff our way through two new songs "New Opportunist" and "The Beguiled" and the track off EP1 called "Break the Casino".

I then messed up a Porcupine Tree track called "Sentimental", which I had attempted to learn earlier in the night. (Make note, don't learn songs the night you are going to perform them).

I then promptly jetted off to the states on work business work 8 days.

So that was pretty much May sorted.

This month, we have tried re-recording one of E's tunes. Not convinced successfully. We need to re-attempt it.

I've been attempting to record my parts for "The Beguiled". Again I'm not a happy bunny. So more re-recording to ensue.

The rest of this month is pretty much a no go as I've got other commitments and a holiday to contend with.

I have purposely left most of July free to get back to recording. So the next update might be a bit more positive.

On a good note, E has started another new song and is currently looking for / hoping to borrow a keyboard for some synth action. I'm liking what he has sent me so far.