Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quick update......

Not overly a lot to report. Again my fault. This year seems to be slipping away from me. The sad reality of real life keeps intruding on my time.

EP3 news, I have started to look at finishing EP3 off. I now have my wizzy Line 6 XL3 up to date with the latest software and can now edit it on the PC. So no excuses now about loading it with sounds.

EP3 will (like the last two EPs) have a limited physical CD run as well as being made availiable online. I have purchased the physical disks. I just need to finish the music. I am going to make a concerted effort to get the CD finished by the end of May. Not sure when it will be finally released though.

One gig has been booked for August at the Bridgnorth music festival and I've expressed an interest in another gig that week also. So that should kick me up the arse to get either a full band together or, force E and I to go out as a duo again.

So hopefully, more information very very soon.