Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's a start.

Yet another quick update......

E and myself, played a short three song set together at an Open mic night at the Bear in Bridgnorth, during the week.

Bar a quick run through at my house just before the event, we hadn't rehearsed in months. I think it went surprisingly well considering the lack of practice.

We played "Break the Casino", "Shorewards" and "Girl with two names".

So that is our annual live performance done for the year. Here is to the next one in 2009. Only joking. Hopefully, we'll do a few more this year and there is a distinct possibility that me might be doing a couple of acoustic things in August for Bridgnorth music festival. More details closer to the time.

EP3 wise, expect some news in the next two weeks. Well probably as least, knowing me.......