Sunday, July 20, 2008


A few things, but not much to report really.

We are going to start mixing EP3 today. We are still waiting for some backing vocals to be recorded and they have been booked for tomorrow.

So the plan is to mix what we can today. Record tomorrow. Have a listen see what else needs doing and then finish mixing it in the coming week or two.

So all is on schedule for an August release.

We have now three acoustic gigs booked for August.
August 21st - The Black Boy (Bridgnorth) supporting Guns For Girls
August 24th - The New Inn (Bridgnorth) supporting SheBangg (afternoon gig I think)
August 25th - The Quayside (Bridgnorth), part of the Bridgnorth Music Festival.

So what with being one of the photographers for the music festival and Open mic nights on the 23rd, 27th and 28th, I think I'll have a pretty busy week.

E and I have started practicing together. A couple of songs need some work, but the majority were not sounding too shabby at all.

I went out last Thursday and did a solo set, supporting, The Love Jones, playing a selection of tunes off the first three Hair Thieves EPs and some older stuff. I really enjoyed the night and had some nice feedback from people.

So more news, when we finish the mix.