Friday, August 1, 2008


Finally, EP3 is finished. Only about eighteen months later than we said / hoped it would be.

Over the last two weeks, we have had a couple of sessions to mix it. Our guest backing singer came in and added icing to the cake. We was both really happy with her contribution to the track.

Then on Monday we mastered the whole thing.

The track listing for EP3 is:

1. The Beguiled (featuring Claire Francis from Francis-Bell)
2. A Journey of the Soul (cowritten with E's sister Stella)
3. Bad Consumer (written by E and Guy from Red Star Radio with slightly amended lyrics)
4. Spheno Palatine Gangleoneuralga

A very limited run of physical CDs will be created for this and should be available for the gigs in August.

It will also be made available to download from Soundclick and possibly a few other sites. More details to follow.

We will upload some of it to Myspace over the weekend, for your listening pleasure.

As I said in the last Blog, we have three acoustic gigs booked for August.
August 21st - The Black Boy (Bridgnorth) supporting Guns For Girls
August 24th - The New Inn (Bridgnorth) supporting SheBangg (afternoon gig I think)
August 25th - The Quayside (Bridgnorth), part of the Bridgnorth Music Festival.

So August is going to be busy for us, I think.

We are now looking to what to record next. I've started recording a pretty heavy track for the album. I've also started writing my first new song in two years. E is working on a new song as well.