Sunday, August 24, 2008

Onwards And Upwards

After our recent tour of Bridgnorth, we have reconvened to discuss what to do next.

We spent a couple of hours the other night, going through some of the 19 or so songs we currently have in progress (or ready for mixing) and drinking tea and watching videos on You Tube.

So this coming weekend we are going to start working on EP4 in earnest.

We will keep to the rough formula of previous EPs. Namely, new song, collaboration, old Song re-recorded, instrumental.

So at the weekend we will re-record the old song.

The new song (is actually a couple of years old now, but won't say what it is yet), was played at the recent gigs. It just needs new vocals. (and possibly re-record Claire's guide backing vocals). By the way it is also a collaboration with a regular Hair Thieves contributor.

I have an idea for the instrumental. I have a week off in November, so will attempt to write and record the song in a day (much like I did with Boeotia on EP1). (hopefully, my week off will coincide with E's so we can spend some time recording each day).

We think we now have enough songs ongoing to finally finish the album. The biggest issue at the moment, is the lack of lyrics, I've drafted in a previous collaborator to write the lyrics for one heavy song on the album, once we have a coherent demo version.

Bar that, I may have inadvertently ordered a new pedal. Which I'm pretty excited by. It should be fun to play with live at least. (and may be the main thing used on the new EP4 instrumental).

So, all things are good in the Hair Thieves camp and I'm quite excited about where things are going.



PS, My PC dies the other week, so the website hasn't been updated with images from our recent gigs yet. I'm working on it though.