Saturday, May 9, 2009

Down but not out

2009 has flown by and suddenly I find myself at the start of May thinking, what the hell happened...

It is quite scary how quick this year has gone.

Little progress to report. I have started recording the vocals for the new EP. Going slowly due to issues with corrupt Cubase files / interaction with 3rd party plugins, left me frustrated by not being able to record, so several aborted attempts later, I have one new set of vocals recorded. When I should have had them all finished.

E and I met up a couple of days ago for tea and biscuits. We hope to start recording for the EP next weekend, if we can both get some free time.

I had a mad ten minutes the other week, disgusted by the lack of updates on the hair thieves website (the source lost in a PC crash last year), I took it down and told the provider to take it down.

I have lost focus as to what the website was meant to be providing us, given the cost of the space (at 2001 prices, not 2009 prices), it was costing a lot of money each year and not providing any real value to the band.

Previously, it was used to show new songs, hold weekly songwriting chats, and host a load of recording tips. We used to get a lot of hits from these. But over the years, I slowly stopped them and the hits dried up.

So I decided to take it down and point the URL at our Myspace page instead. I haven't got the time or the inclination to maintain a dedicated site as well as the Myspace and Soundclick pages.

So this doesn't mean the end of the band, just a bit of realignment of competencies.

So hopefully, things should ramp up a bit on EP4 soon, though, circumstances and other hobbies may hinder it a while longer.....

Have fun