Sunday, February 28, 2010

Train coming the other way

Chris has sent me the rough mix of EP4 , now with added vocal goodness and I have spent a bit of time listening and re-familiarising myself with the songs. It has been a long time with some of them!

Sadly next weekend is out due to a death in the family but hopefully after that we will be able to sit down and mix it properly ready for release to an apathetic public.

The Hair Thieves mixing process:

1. Chris sets up a horrendously complicated desk in Cubase with everything grouped and subgrouped and God knows what else.

2. We sit and move sliders about until we have a result that we are reasonably happy with.

3. Chris goes to get tea and biscuits.

4. While he is gone I fiddle with everything and end up with a mix that I think I am happy with.

5. Chris says "actually, that's not bad...."

6. I go home.

7. A small kitten walks across the keyboard and mysteriously deletes my guitar parts and/or version of the mix.

8. Chris puts it back to how it was before he made the tea.

Truly we are geniuses of the music production world and our services are available for a very reasonable fee. A packet of quality biscuits would do.