Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Invisible wall.

Which coincidentally is the possible title for one of the new songs.

Things have gone slow in Hair Thief land. E's PC seems to have died a horrible death, so we are partially temporarily suspending work on EP5, until he is back up and running.

Personally, I'm going to work on the string section of another song over the next week or so and try and finish the lyrics for the above mentioned Invisible wall.

Oh well, might give me time to finish Batman Arkham City!



Saturday, October 29, 2011

Up to Speed

Sorry for the lack of updates this year. This has mostly be due to us trying to get away from the blog we used to host with Myspace and move to a new host.

So, now I have moved the last six years worth of posts to the new host. Normal service can now resume.

This year has been quite productive for the Hair Thieves.

After the release of EP4 in December, we decided for 2011 to make a concerted attempt at meeting more regularly and pushing forward with EP5.

So in the spring, we started meeting on a mostly weekly basis, to work on some new songs.

Of the nineteen or so songs we have in various states of completion, the decision was made to scrap them all for now and write some new material. Some of the songs were 6+ years old and it is refreshing to put them behind us and move forward. Bits of them might turn up later.

There was one song that was completed in demo form, which we are carrying forward.

So in the spring we started recording EP5. Things were progressing well, before we temporarily stopped work, to rehearse for our first gig in three years. (see picture above).

So we are back to recording EP5. Back to blogging and a new website in the works.



Monday, July 18, 2011

The Beauty of the Butterfly

that turns into something new.

Well, here we go. The Hair Thieves blog take 3.

After an abortive blogger one in 2005 and the ongoing myspace one, we have started a new one, to integrate with the new site.

So what can you expect from this new blog?

Well, more of the same information on the hows and why we record songs.

Information on band marketing. We have no intention of getting famous, but we have every intention of trying out some of these, "get yourself famous" marketing tips just to see, what affect they have on us.

Links to other interesting blogs

Comments on the world of entertainment.

Ocassional details of where you can see us live.

Occasional reviews just in case you missed us live.

So, since this is just a test message. More information to follow!

Friday, February 18, 2011

EP4 & Beyond

Quick update:

EP4 was released in December to coincide with the 10th Anniversay of the Hair Thieves.

It is available in the usual places for digital download

Tesco Entertainment


It is also available to stream on sites


Since myspace appears to be dying, we have moved the bulk of our stuff to our new Reverb Nation page.


Here you can sign up to our new newsletter, where you will get occasional free tunes to download and other bits of information.

As before, we won't spam you or pass your details onto third parties.

Work has temporarily stopped on EP5 and the album, to allow Rollasoc to move house and find somewhere to set his studio up. Things should start up again in a few weeks.

So all things are good!!!!