Monday, July 18, 2011

The Beauty of the Butterfly

that turns into something new.

Well, here we go. The Hair Thieves blog take 3.

After an abortive blogger one in 2005 and the ongoing myspace one, we have started a new one, to integrate with the new site.

So what can you expect from this new blog?

Well, more of the same information on the hows and why we record songs.

Information on band marketing. We have no intention of getting famous, but we have every intention of trying out some of these, "get yourself famous" marketing tips just to see, what affect they have on us.

Links to other interesting blogs

Comments on the world of entertainment.

Ocassional details of where you can see us live.

Occasional reviews just in case you missed us live.

So, since this is just a test message. More information to follow!