Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Curse Of The Circle Girls

Given it is 29th February 2012, that makes it 320 years today since the first warrent was issued in the Salam Witch Trials (according to the BBC website today anyway).

Now, if you read back through this blog, you will find numerous references to the four part Guilt of Innocent Blood instrumental suite, (loosly named on bits I read from a book on the witch trials) that I started writing in 1990. Well, half it is is complete, one quarter is partly written and the other bit is started.

But for all intents and purposes it is mostly abandoned.

So here, is part four of the suite. The curse of the circle girls. This is a free download, (or you can contribute some pennies if you like). It is limited to 200 free downloads. This will be pulled in probably a week. It may resurface later, it may not. So grab it now.