Thursday, July 12, 2012

EP5 & Live

It has dawned on me that we haven't blogged for many months on the happenings of the Hair Thieves.

Sorry about that. We have been busy writing and recording (and now rehearsing).

So here is the latest news:-

EP5 is ongoing.  We have temporarily scrapped one of the songs and written, (surprisingly quickly for us) another tune.  So we now have three songs with lyrics and the obligatory instrumental.

I believe the track listing of EP5 will be (not necessarily in this order)

  • Invisible Wall
  • Beijing Morning
  • Assimilation
  • Bathmophobia

So the rush now is to get the recording and mixing done in the next two or three weeks for an end of August release.

We also have our annual live gig outing booked for Monday 27th August at the Quayside in Bridgnorth as part of the Bridgnorth Music Festival.  We are looking forward to playing once again against the stunning backdrop of the River Severn.

The line up is:-
12:00 Rhi Moore 
12:30 The Moonshine Runners 
13:00 The Hair Thieves 
13:30 Num Nums 
14:00 Claire Diamond 
14:30 Midset Buka 
15:10 Matt Barker 
15:40 Thomson Oldeman 
16:30 ToyPOP 
17:20 The State of Things

So hopefully, see some of you there!!!!

More news on the EP and maybe a snippet soon.