Saturday, May 4, 2013

Its a funny ol' game.

I've been looking through a load of my old notebooks and directories of lyrics and finding things I have long forgotten about.

I found my original notes for the song Assimilation, off the forthcoming EP.   According to the notes, I wrote the lyrics on the 22nd September 2003. So it is nearly ten years old.  The music was written on 10th September 2005.

We've had the demo sitting around for pretty much the end of 2005.

The song has even been played a few times over the years at open mic nights.

So we have finally gotten around to actually recording it, though it has changed a little since the original demo.

Originally, the form of the song was into, chorus (sung over verse), chorus, verse, chorus, verse chorus, middle8, chorus chorus.

 The new form is chous (over verse), chorus, verse, chorus, middle 8, Chorus, verse.
When E suggested the reworking I though he was mad.   Starting the song with the chorus over a verse was non standard enough, to then finish with a verse, sounded mad.

But as with the nature of the song, not resolving the final verse to the chorus makes for a better ending (and knocks about a minute out of the song, by having two less choruses).

Anyway, you will be able to hear the tune very soon.  We believe we have finished mixing the EP.  We will master it in the coming weeks and release it sometime in the next couple of months.

Right, back to finding inspiration for EP6.

Onwards and upwards!


PS the tab is wrong anyway!