Monday, December 16, 2013

Rollasoc's Top Ten Albums of the year 2013 Part 1.

I used to publish end of year lists many years ago on the old Telford Rocks site.

Thought I might start them again.

So here is part one of my countdown to my favourite albums this year. I'm trying to limit this to albums I have actually paid hard cash for and not ones, I've streamed and liked.

Honourable mentions: (i.e. on another day, they may have made the top ten). In no particular order.  And not much blurb.  Just go and listen and make your own mind up.

Blue Rose Code - North Ten

Beautiful album.  Discovered when I caught a video someone posted on Facebook.  Listened to a few tunes online then bought the album.

Lights & Motion - Save Your Heart

Discovered by accident on Bandcamp.  Loved the first album.  This is more of the same really. 

Very Sigur Ros like, he even wrote a tune called Victory Rose.

Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks

I was apprehensive about them coming back and this album has its moments. Not really classic NIN, more NIN by the numbers.   It is growing on me though with each listen.

Toypop! - Come What May

An album that never fails to make me smile.  One of my favourite gigs of 2012 was seeing Toypop! play in Bridgnorth. A great evening's entertainment.

Sarah from Toypop! even wrote the Hair Thieves our own little tune.  Which I really should let people hear!!!!

Various - The Exquisite Corpse Game

I will admit, I bought this purely since British Theatre are on it, but was surprised by how much, as an album I really enjoyed it.   Only slightly let down by one track I really don't like, but can't skip else it would break the fold.

Visit the link above all will be explained.  Very interesting concept.