Sunday, March 23, 2014

Remixes, Animation and EP6

Things have been a little slow in Hair Thieves land for the last month or so.

This has manly been due to me partaking in a Songwriting course from Berklee College of music online.  Which I passed with the odd score of 102.2%.

E has been busy remixing Beijing Morning off EP 5.  Have a listen here.

I have  purchased some animation software.  Here is a little test snippet of a proof of concept.

I am awaiting a modder to release to me  a manikin mod.  So I can make videos with our unofficial mascot.  Much like we used (back in 2007, which is ages ago) in the video for Shorewards from EP2.

I will probably make a video for Invisible Wall or possibly the instrumental Bathmophobia in the next month, though it might not look anything like the snippet.
In the meantime, we are back in writing mode for EP6.  We are currently working on the instrumental and I am about to start lyric writing for a song we have music for.

Right, I'd best get on with those lyrics.