Sunday, April 20, 2014

21st CSM

21st CSM Music and Lyrics C Rollason. Always Argued my limitations Never argued against my fears Always questioned my way of thinking Never looked ahead, ahead with hope Always restless and impatient Never rode the waves of delight Always worry too much about nothing Never relaxed, nor had some fun And I'm turning into the thing I hate the most High ideals, but I'm not even close I seem complete, but I'm thinking that I'm broken Turning into the 21st Century Schizoid man Always bottled up my emotions Never held back all the rage Always leaving too much unspoken Never edgy, too highly strung And I never had fun as a child Nervous wreck, behind my smile Happy go lucky or so they say Feel inside like I'm the living dead Hiding secrets, hiding lies Tortured soul, crimson disguise Torn between my wants and needs I bare this soul for you to need


The Chemistry Music I Packman, Lyrics Chris Rollason, I Packman Waiting for a queue that never comes (Standing) in the line of least resistance Hard counter to the window on my soul, it says position closed it marks the pass of every moment The Chemistry of dying Colours Changing over time My future shrinks, my past is growing it's leaving me behind The fabric fades, old colours melt away Captures all our days, escape forgotton The world is rushing at you, faster than the naked eye can see We close our eyes or look away The Chemistry of dying Colours Changing over time My future shrinks, my past is growing it's leaving me behind If nothing last forever what's the point in going on at least I have found the wisdom of where I was wrong Aching void, ommisions from my soul watching people make the same mistakes So I write a list of all the things the things I should have done I wasted time on being young

Bad Consumer

Bad Consumer Music I Packman. Lyrics G Lawton. Additonal Lyrics I Packman, C Rollason Keep your head up When you're hard up I'll come to your defence Financial gain ain't worth the pain Can you lend me 50 pence You heard a rumour I'm a bad consumer I'm a bad Consumer We point and click At too much shit That fading popstars try to sell Designer Boom from changing rooms It's a massive discount sale I hit the stores But soon got bored Of all the junk they try to sell Beacon, Heart, Exchange and mart If there's a difference I can't tell

The Beguiled

The Beguiled Music Chris Rollason, I Packman. Lyrics C Rollason Rising from the depths With brilliance / passion A fall from grace On gossamer wings The doubts so deep Words ache reviled The fool for a foolish dream I am Beguiled I Never thought I'd fall so deep so fast Captivated by your passive eerie glance Your charm offense lies unrestrained Never thought that modern love would be estranged I really though you'd change your ways this time Disappointment hides the fear of hopes declined Tragedy begat from a stolen kiss Tall Tales and randon acts of senselessness

The Mighty Fall

The Mighty Fall Music C Rollason T Evans, words T Evans Spread the trails of fortune We each can find the road To build a new horizon Find our place and ride the code There's life within our dreams We each can voice our views Set them up to teach the weary Change the spoils and write the truth Oh how The Mighty Fall The Mighty Fall The Mighty Fall The Mighty Fall Bit by bit the way we change Spread the truth and break our fall We've all grown up, with how things are But how things are just kills us all Why are we fighting? Why do we hate? If we change opinions It is never too late Oh The Mighty Fall How The Mighty Fall The Mighty Fall The Mighty Fall


Shorewards Music / Lyrics Chris Rollason, I Packman Running down Memory Lane Feels like I've been here before Undaunted by the empty village Landlocked forever and more I believe I have heard whispers From the sofa on which I lay But I feel like a megaton fugative Caught up in the richochet Chorus As the Canteen Bridgroom flirts with regret We shoplift the salesman as we depart the boat with their property on board I look shorewards Blasted by the guillotine tenements Nothing has a place of its own Sinless like emancipated celebrities The sociopaths harmonious psalm

Break The Casino

Break The Casino Music / Lyrics G Lawton, I Packman Life is a gamble (with an) even chance at best Keep watching the dealer , ignore the rest Lift your eyes, the skies are golden Stakes are high, I'm close to folding I need to know the cards your holding out for Poker face, eyes as cold as ice Double or quits, with loaded dice You'll be a hero if you break the casino (but) they won't let you bet on double zero You'll be a hero if you save the bus fare home


Apotemnophilia 20/10/2005 Music / Lyrics C Rollason You always had a sense of balance A certain uneasy grace been missing the kindness that's been long overdue I wanna be just like you I felt like this from childhood an alien ape displayed been searching for someone to take away the part of me thats not a part of me so take me to a dark and tranquil place take away the thing that make me plain this thing that I find so distasteful and turn me into something beautiful I've progressed so far so soon don't want to pretend no more Drastic times mean drastic measures so I can be just like you I've tried conventional options a new way for mad they say I've calculated the risks v gains so a shot rings out that long overdue You always had a sense of balance A certain awkward grace I'm shown the kindness that's been long overdue Now I'm just like you