Thursday, July 17, 2014

Drastic Sturgeon (Mansun Cover)

Cover version of the Mansun EP2 track Drastic Sturgeon. A rare outing for the Mandolin at least....

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Drastic turn of events

Summer is upon us and we were initially getting close to finishing Ep6, when I had a moment of clarity.

Back in February, I wrote a song as part of the Fawm write an album in a month.  (I managed six songs in the four weeks).   As a consequence of one of the songs, E wrote a counter song. 

So, my grand plan was given, we have mostly mixed the other three songs for the EP (in record time), was to add the song from the Fawm session, since it obviously should go with the counter song.

So that will put us back a month or so.  So EP6 will now have 5 tracks upon it.

In other news, we are recording our first cover version, which will be released next month in Chester, at the convention for the 90's Britpop band Mansun.   We are in the process of recording one of their early B-sides.

At least it has allowed me to get out my old acoustic for the first time in two years.

More details, once we have finished recording it!