Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Well it has been a little while since the last blog post.

February was mostly taken up with Chris doing FAWM.  Where he attempted to write 14 songs in 28 days.  He managed 10 songs.  Two of which will be future Hair Thieves songs.

The first, "The Distance" was demo'd in the last blog post.  I think we are possible keeping that back for EP8.  

The second song is called "Love is Overdrive".  Which will be on EP7.  It is pretty much written now, just needs re-recording, which I started doing over the weekend, in a different key to the demo on the Soundcloud.

March was taken up with holidays and some work finalising the instrumetal for EP7.  See the video above for E practicing a guitar part for the ending.

So EP7 progress is being made.  Two songs written and in the process of being recorded.

One song in a partial written state and our usual re-record an old song, not started, but we know which song it will be and will possibly be the last old song to be re-recorded, since we have run out of ones we want to re-record.

So over the next month, we are going to crack on with EP7.  It probably won't be finished until Autumn, so location changes may be in order soon, so we might end up downing tools for a couple of months over the summer.  We shall see how things pan out.

Personally, I'm getting itchy fingers to go out and start playing live again, even if it is only open mic nights.  So time to get the acoustic out and start practicing a new set of tunes.