Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rollasoc's Top Ten Albums Part 2

Right, here is my top ten albums for the year.    Think I should have swapped Duran Duran and Passenger around.  Maybe not?

10 Duran Duran - Paper Gods

Not exactly a return to form, but probably their most enjoyable album since Astronaut.  Still think Andy should rejoin and force them to release Reportage.

Still listen to the re-issue of Rio more than I do this.  Which is probably not a good sign.

9 - I am the Morning - From the House of arts

The only live album in the top ten.    Russian classical prog rockers I am the morning, released a live album to finance their next album.  Looking forward to that in 2016.

8. Sexwitch

Another album I have on vinyl only.  But have been listening to it alot on Spotify.
A collaboration between Natasha Khan (Bat for lashes), Toy and Dan Carey.

Very hypnotic, good to listen to at work.

7.- Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase

Probably should be higher in the list, but by this stage in the list, it is mostly sorted by how often I listen to the album.    Conceptually, not sure I get the album entirely.  The deluxe box is something very special though, as is the surround mix.

6 - Jean Michel Jarre - Electronica 1 - The Time machine.

Been an appreciative fan of JMM since the '80s. My brother Paul was the bigger fan and we were lucky enough to see him when he did Destination Docklands.

Really haven't kept up with his music for the last decade (Aero was the last thing I bough) or so, but heard he was doing two albums collaborating with artists old (Tangerine Dream, Vince Clarke, Laurie Anderson, Pete Townsend etc) and new (Little boots, Moby, fuck buttons etc), so was intregued.

I've been pleasently surprised how good this album is, obviously with the collaborations it is quite diverse in styles.  Looking forward to part 2 in 2016.

So this is the end of part 2. More tomorrow..