Saturday, December 2, 2017

EP9 and beyond

EP9 was released last month and in all the excitement, we forgot to blog about it.

In a break with tradition, this EP contains four instrumentals.

1. Lies
2. The Schemer of Schemes Part 1
3. BHX
4. A Minor Pulse

Available now at all good download sites and streaming services.

We did make a video for the track lies, using the game Kerbal Space Program.

Physical copies can be bought from out bandcamp store.

In other news, we are more than three quarters the way through finishing EP10.   So expect that in the spring of 2018

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Distance (Official Video)

We are pleased to show you all, our new video for "The Distance".

This has been a bit of a labour of love, using Muvizu.  

The big, third party, sets did not play well with the animation software, so it was a case of rendering bits of the video out and hoping they worked, since I was unable to re-open any saved files.

As a first attempt with new animation software, we are pleased with the results.

Expect some more Muvizu videos for other new and possibly older tracks over the coming months.

EP8 is now available on all decent streaming sites, Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp



Finally, pleased to announce that EP8 will be released on February 3rd 2017. 

Available on all good streaming sites, Amazon and Bandcamp.

Click below for a sneaky peek!

There are four new songs on the EP.
1) The Distance
2) My Hometown  
3) Hometown Heart
4) Ludworth

There is an unexpected theme running thorugh this EP of Home.  Both of us took part in a songwriting course last year, where we had to write a song about our Hometowns.   So this is our offerings.  

This theme permeated into Ludworth, which though an instrumental, is very close to home in many ways.  

Ludworth is also a bit of a departure, in that there are no real instruments played on it.   Which was an interesting exercise, in the use of studio technology within the software we use.

A very limited physical release is available at our Bandcamp shop.

Check back on release day for the video release of "The Distance".